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Presentations and coaching seminars relating to fruit and vegetables

Product trainings

Product trainings

Comprehensive product and specialist knowledge is essential if your employees are to assess the quality of fruit and vegetables. That is why we provide product training and coaching to teach specialized knowledge about individual products or product groups in the category of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Depending on the target group, a training course can cover the entire product range or only parts of it. In special seminars, the most important aspects of individual products from cultivation and processing to sales are dealt with and discussed.

We would be pleased to develop a training plan that supports goal-oriented, long-term personnel development in your company.

Process trainings

In this form of training your employees‘ awareness is raised for handling the goods. The trainings are designed as "training on the job" and cover the entire value chain:

  • Purchasing - what use are product specifications and which aspects of seasonality are important?
  • Incoming goods - what is the most reasonable way to check the goods and how to compile a sample?
  • Outgoing goods - what needs to be considered and how to meet customer specifications?
  •  Subsidiary - what special features need to be taken into account when dealing with certain merchandise categories?

It is always our claim to enhance your employees‘ interest and joy in working with fresh fruit and vegetables.

QM Trainings

Within the framework of internal quality assurance, training courses that certain groups of employees must have completed are indispensable. These are, for example, training courses on personnel and industrial hygiene, HACCP and IFS. We adapt the training to the needs of your company.

Even without certification it is useful and necessary to repeat certain training courses on a regular basis. We will be pleased to recommend which measures could be relevant for you. Just ask us!

Project management

Project management

Together with you we develop projects on a wide range of issues that the further development of your company requires. In the course of our more than ten years of consulting activity, we can look back on numerous successfully completed projects with well-known trading houses and international companies.

In addition to our own know-how, we are also happy to make use of the resources of our international university partners and specialized colleagues when necessary.

Project management

Examples of previous project work:

  • Cross-border quality assurance systems
  • Germination suppression of dry onions
  • Microbial monitoring of the pineapple import chain
  • Development of packaging processes to extend the "shelf life“
  • Location comparisons on the basis of an assortment valuation
  • Optimization of temperature control of national logistics chains  
  • Store checks to inspect the goods at the point of sale
  • Comparison of different storage conditions and influence on shelf life
  • Studies on the influence of different packaging methods on freshness (e.g. cucumbers foil wrapped vs. unfoiled)

Company evaluation

Company Evaluation

Due to the exact analysis of a fruit trading company and its subdivisions, we are able to carry out a target-oriented company evaluation. We evaluate various quality-relevant company areas on the basis of inspections (audits), reviews of documentation and staff interviews.

This leads to an objective assessment of processes and working methods. This allows site comparisons as well as internal weak point analyses.

If required, we cooperate with you after the analysis to optimise your operational processes and support you in implementing improved procedures.

Support with certifications

Support with certifications

For trading companies, IFS or QS certification of suppliers has been a significant minimum requirement for a long time. A certification always results in a considerable additional expenditure of personnel within the company.

Do you want to have your company certified or do you need support with your self-control system? We would like to assist you in this respect. Due to many years of consulting with various companies in the fruit trade sector we have been able to achieve extensive experience, from which you will benefit.

We support you with the following certifications:

  • International Featured Standard IFS (Food, Broker, Logistics, Cash&Carry/Wholesale)
  • Quality and safety QS (levels 1, 2 and 3 for fruit and vegetables)
  • British Retail Consortium (BRC)

Consulting for quality assurance

The maintenance of quality assurance systems is as much a part of our services as the preparation and support of a certification audit. Our service ranges from a one-time surveillance audit to continuous and intensive support in the sense of an external quality assurance official and includes the following services, for example:

  • Trainings
  • Document maintenance, manual
  • Traceability systems
  • HACCP plans, structure, verification
  • Hygiene plans, maintenance plans
  • Supplier assessments
  • Customer feedback

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