Overview FruitCheck


  •     App-based system for optimizing quality controls
  •     digitization of business processes
  •     Available in the following languages:

        EN / DE / IT / ESP
        CZE / HUN / BRG / ROU / SVK

  •     Increased efficiency of personnel and processes
  •     Support of the QS staff directly on site (e.g. in the field, packing plant, cold storage, distribution centre)
  •     Improving communication with customers, suppliers and producers
  •     Documented implementation of our own standards and customer  specifications
  •     Ensuring internal and external transparency



The dashboard is a superordinate web portal through which the app can be customized and processes can be managed by management.
Functions in the dashboard:

  •     User administration
  •     Report overview
  •     Set up email distribution lists → automatic sending of reports
  •     Adaptation of supplier, product and defect lists
  •     Addition of warehouses and report types
  •     Graphical and statistical evaluations of the reports


Advantages of FruitCheck

Advantages of FruitCheck

  • Long-term documentation supplemented by photos of product defetcs
    • Using the camera in a smartphone or tablet
  • Standardized reports
    • Standardization of quality management
  • No error-prone transfer of printed lists to Excel tables
    • Sustainability + time saving
  • Demonstrated compliance with legal regulations of the sample size
    • Step-by-step guided control process
  • FruitCheck also works offline
    • Subsequent sending of test reports via WLAN or mobile data


PDF report

Once the on-site inspection is complete, a PDF report is automatically generated and sent by e-mail to defined distribution lists.
The PDF report contains the following information:

  •     Product (name, supplier, origin, lot number)
  •     Number of units inspected
  •     Reason for complaint
  •     Percentage of the product affected by the defect

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