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Quality controls and audits along the entire supply chain

Incoming goods controls

Incoming goods controls

Our experienced product experts carry out inspections in warehouses, distribution centres, sorting facilities or packing houses. The competence of our teams and the use of state-of-the-art testing instruments generate representative and reliable test results for the entire supply chain.

We work directly at the customer's premises and control both the receipt of goods, inventory and goods issue. Our controls are always based on your own company specifications or those of your customers.

Of course, all our inspectors are always aware of the current EU and UNECE standards.

We cover the area of NRW and Rhineland-Palatinate for you. Since 2018 we have also been represented in Hamburg and the Munich area.

Expert reports

Our inspectors are also available in the event of a dispute or damage, both nationwide and in other European countries. We provide you with comprehensive, neutral expert opinions in the shortest possible time. In German or English language.

Depending on the urgency, we proceed directly to the goods assessment upon consultation with you. In order to achieve a maximum resilient result, which you can either use in the direction of the customer or supplier, we always check on site using a representative random sample. This gives you the security of really reliable results in the supply chain.

Process controls

In-process controls are an essential instrument of modern quality assurance for fresh fruit and vegetables.

An optimized process quality (sorting and selection work) usually leads to an increased product quality!

We accompany harvesting, packing or sorting processes at your suppliers, sorting stations or business partners and optimise quality just in time.

Our inspectors do not evaluate the end product, but monitor the processing of your batches and whether they meet your specifications. 

This also helps the supplier to better understand and integrate your specifications in the long term.


Supplier audits

We audit (i.e. screen) all relevant work areas and operating processes of your suppliers, no matter whether they are located in Germany, Italy or Spain.

The focus is on field inspections, production meetings with technicians, monitoring of harvesting and packing work.

We audit all relevant criteria of the general quality management system (e.g. pesticide monitoring, producer control), compliance with your product specifications for harvesting and processing, hygiene status or cold chain management. Our auditors have many years of experience as agricultural engineers and know how to communicate with your supplier on a technical level.

The audit results help you to achieve more transparency regarding the strengths/weaknesses of the respective partner and to establish effective supplier selection and management in the long term.

Location audits

We audit warehouse locations nationwide and internationally to evaluate the control processes and procedures at the goods receipt of your platform. The results form an optimal basis for deriving targeted measures: Personal coaching, equipment, process optimization.

With this type of auditing, we help both your quality management and the personnel at the incoming goods department to identify deficits in their own goods control and to remedy them with suitable measures.

The results help you to obtain neutral information about the effectiveness and efficiency of your merchandise controls and personnel.

Social Audits

Over the past few years, companies in the fruit trade (from cultivation to final marketing) have increasingly drawn up guidelines or a code of conduct which must be observed at the respective preliminary stages and ultimately in cultivation.

In order to ensure that the expectations formulated there are reliably met and implemented in practice, and that guidelines are set correctly, it is necessary to check the situation on site to ensure this. This task is performed by our trained and experienced inspectors.

On the basis of a common, tailor-made basis for you, we check "on-site" at your partners' premises which general working conditions prevail, how basic human rights are dealt with and how employees of the respective company ultimately assess the situation. Confidential employee surveys are a key element in identifying potential risks. We audit at various levels, from the field and cultivation to packing houses and administration, in order to clarify both infrastructural and personal inspection points. Our goal is always to transform theory into individual practice in order to contribute to the gradual improvement of working conditions in the O&G supply chain. Our approach is always to provide advice and assistance.



Process analysis

Process analysis

Any performance is only as good as its weakest part. Based on this company history (complaints, write-offs, customer claims, etc.), area audits are carried out with the aim of investigating the causes for deficits. Measures derived from these audits are documented and accompanied in their implementation.

In this way, we help you to identify any weak points in your own company, which can then be optimised by means of appropriate adjustments together with your QM team.

We often recommend having a neutral third party analyse operational processes in order to achieve real changes.



Our inspectors are in situ nationally and in Southern Europe. The trained staff knows how to independently and professionally take samples on your behalf for further analytical evaluation in order to obtain results that are as representative as possible. Independent sampling is the first and most important step in a reliable residue analysis. This service helps you to gain more certainty about how reliable suppliers actually are in your own monitoring.

Sampling is carried out directly in fields, e.g. in the case of pre-harvest samples, as well as within the logistics chain (packing houses, warehouses, distribution centres). Methodologically, risk-oriented sampling (e.g. worst case sampling) is carried out as well as routine sampling according to EN VO 1234/3343.

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