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Modern analytics for fresh fruit and vegetables

Residue analytics

Residue analytics

The Labor Dr. Lippert GmbH is a modern commercial laboratory focusing on residue analytics and microbiological testing of fresh fruit and vegetables.

We provide services to all stages of the supply chain from producers, agricultural consultants, producer groups, cooperatives, wholesalers to food retailers.

It is our claim not only to provide laboratory results, but also to ensure target-oriented consulting for our clients.

In our routine analytics, adherence to delivery dates, flexibility and reliability are of utmost importance.

By efficient sample logistics and weekend assignments we are able to react to your needs as quickly as possible.

Residue analytics

By participating in international interlaboratory comparisons (QS, FAPAS, TestQual) we successfully prove our analytical competence several times a year. We are pleased to send you our results at any time.

We are accredited according to ISO17025, QS certified and listed by the LEH and have a modern equipment fleet as well as validated methods for residue analytics (DFG S19 and QuEChERS, group and individual methods).


Our analytics are conducted with the latest generation of equipment and examine up to 700 active substances and their metabolites in multiscreening, mainly by

  • GC-MS/MS.
  • LC-MS/MS. 

Our routine analytics is subject to a strict quality management system with multiple checks.

Residue analytics

In cooperation with agricultural engineers of Dr. Lippert Inspection GmbH, our laboratory always works in a practical manner and meets all challenges of the fruit trade (dynamics, adherence to delivery dates, reliability). Thanks to our presence also in the important production areas, we are constantly informed about the latest developments in cultivation and post-harvesting and also bring this knowledge into our laboratory analytics. The interdisciplinary cooperation of highly qualified chemical and agricultural engineers offers our laboratory customers the opportunity to work on all questions concerning residue issues in a targeted and direct manner.





In the microbiological testing of foodstuffs, we are also specialised in fresh fruit and vegetables and exclusively apply tested and certified test procedures. Our MiBi testing department provides you with all the classic examination methods of microbiology. In addition to the determination of the bacterial count we determine in this way many additional qualitative and quantitative analysis on your behalf.


The respective spectrum can be individually adapted to the product group or your issue.


In the area of NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia) and Rhineland-Palatinate we also carry out sampling by our own staff to monitor compliance with hygiene requirements (contact samples/specimen).




Correct, independent sampling is the most important element of a reliable residue analysis. We are aware of this responsibility and for this purpose we have developed our own sampling service for our customers.

We apply advanced sampling methods depending on several factors:

  • Sampling location (field sampling, post-harvest or storage location)
  • Product and order (e.g. worst case).

Employees of Dr. Lippert Inspection GmbH technically implement representative sampling in Germany and Southern Europe for us.

Our efficient sample logistics enable you to carry out express analysis nationally and internationally, even after spontaneous agreement.




Our laboratory services are geared up to your individual requirements. Each of your order is personally supervised by a specific contact person. This contact person can always provide information about the status of your sample.

We also give advise on residues in legal and health hazards. In addition, we verify spraying plans/plausibility checks, set up internal monitoring systems and help with statements.

In order to transfer and exchange know-how, we participate in working groups and offer qualified lectures on residue issues and sampling.




Due to our direct association with agricultural production, we identify (e.g.) natural products and implement new active ingredients in our portfolio, e.g. through our own local engineers, who are in direct contact with production technicians and constantly provide latest knowledge.

We also provide analytical support for cultivation trials. We investigate the degradation behaviour of active ingredients in order to constantly develop our test procedures and keep up with the technical trends in the industry.

In this context we also conduct bachelor and master theses.

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