Start of the season for peaches and nectarines

The first peaches and nectarines have already been available for some time. As with many other products
at the beginning of the season, fruits that are not sufficiently ripe are often put on the market. Even when reaching
the Brix content of 8° prescribed in the standard is not normally a taste typical of the variety
Ripe fruits give way under light pressure with the fingers and give off an intense smell at
room temperature. If the fruits are harvested too early, they will not ripen satisfactorily.
anymore and the flesh remains relatively firm. With decreasing freshness, a wilted skin then occurs
and the flesh has a gummy consistency without any aroma.
It is generally to be expected that the product will tend to improve from week to week. Since the current
weather conditions in Spain, however, is not optimal are not yet too great leaps forward in terms of the maturity of
to expect fruit.